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Finding out what your particular skills are can help you think about what you’d like to study at school, college or University, or what jobs you’d be best suited to do.

Most people have ideas about what they want to be in the future but do you know how to get into your dream job, is it realistic and would it really suit you?

It’s perfectly normal to be unsure about what career you would really like, quite often the job you start with is not the career you end up with. It can take time to find your vocation and you might change careers a number of times throughout your life.

National Services

Careers Wales – Help you to plan your career, prepare to get a job, and find and apply for the right apprenticeships, courses and training.

Careers Wales: Buzz Quiz – Find out what jobs might suit you based on your personality type.

Indeed – Search for jobs based on location and job type.

Plattform – Skills and employment help with a peer mentoring facility.

Meic – An advocacy and helpline service to support you with anything. Contact Meic daily from 8AM – Midnight on: Freephone (080880 23456), Text (84001) or Instant Message.

Useful Apps

HMRC – View your tax, benefits and savings easily with the HMRC app.

LinkedIn – Search for jobs, create an online CV, and connect with employers and recruiters worldwide.

Blogs and Guides

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