Being In Care

Sometimes things happen within families that mean children or young people cannot live with their parents. This can be for many different reasons, including illness, family problems or due to circumstances, your parent or family are unable to look after you properly.

Are you looking for information on being in care, fostering, adoption, or supported lodgings in Wales? Then we’ll point you in the right direction:

National Services

Meic – An advocacy and helpline service to support you whilst you are in care and to help you to deal with any problems you might be having. Contact Meic daily from 8AM – Midnight on: Freephone (080880 23456), Text (84001) or Instant Message.

Voices From Care Cymru – Wales’ national independent organisation who are dedicated to upholding the rights and welfare of children and young people who are or have been looked after. You can call 029 2045 1431 or visit their website.

Children’s Commissioner for Wales – Champions children and young people and aims to get your rights respected and your voices heard.

Llamau – Llamau are a youth homelessness charity who can offer support and advice for young people. See what support they can offer here.


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