About Us

What is TheSprout?

TheSprout is Cardiff’s online magazine and information website for 11-25’s, by 11-25’s and organisations that wish to support them.

The site is split into two main sections: info, and blog.

  • Info is where you can find lots of information and support for topics affecting young people such as leaving school, bullying, and money worries. Under each section, you’ll find a bunch of really handy links to local and national organisations which can help you out with whatever you may need.
  • Blog is where our amazing articles written by young people are shared. There’s something here for everyone – from local opportunities, reviews of the latest films, and raising awareness of important issues like children’s and young people’s rights.

Each season, we release a new campaign surrounding issues that matter to young people, by young people in Cardiff. Here’s a few of our recent campaigns:

If you’d like to be involved in writing something for TheSprout or being involved in one of our campaigns, get in touch with us! You can email us on info@thesprout.co.uk.

Who runs it?

ProMo-Cymru have been funded to deliver TheSprout by Families First in Cardiff. All media content is overseen by an Editor who is employed by ProMo-Cymru.

What’s great about TheSprout?

  • Content is created by you and the organisations that support your activities
  • Allows you to say what you want and promotes your exchange of views
  • Creates, develops and shares information locally and nationally
  • Sharing multimedia showcases your creative ideas and skills
  • Promotes participation and inclusion through youth-led editorial groups
  • Works closely with youth information networks across Wales to share resources
  • A platform for you and organisations to publicise your progress and achievements
  • Highlight good ideas and practices for everyone to learn from
  • You can find out about projects, and how to get involved from all across Wales

Writing for TheSprout

Here’s a few handy resources if you’re writing for TheSprout:

TheSprout FAQs – your first call for all Sprout-related questions

TheSprout’s Style Guide – tips on writing for TheSprout

TheSprout’s Picture Guide – tips on finding and uploading images with your articles

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