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TheSprout published its first article way back in 2007 – so where is it?

It’s here. And every article we published between 2007 and 2016 is still online too.

Explore the archive

In May 2016 we switched to a new WordPress site and archived the old site. However you can still read and search all 5195 articles. If you’re an old-time sprouter and looking for stuff you’ve written previously, you will find it.

A quick tip – if you have the old URL saved somewhere, just pop “archive.” in front of bit. In other words, the funniest article ever written for TheSprout can now be found at

So you can still find in The Archive articles tagged as:

We will be occasionally reposting classic content from The Archive on the new website, such as How To Cook Salmon In A Dishwasher. If you’ve got any suggestions for articles you’d like to see on the new site then please get in contact or leave a comment below.

How To Cook Salmon In A Dishwasher

Also please let us know if you have any questions or can’t find something you’re looking for in The Archive.

The Magnificent Seven (that is actually five)


As a little bit of a throwback treat, we published The Magnificent Seven in 2015 when CLIConline was about to be pulled, which were “seven articles that have been read more than all others, or inspired people to do great things.” Here are the five that came from Cardiff…

The Magnificent Seven: Confessions Of A Proofreader

The Magnificent Seven: Halal Punk Rock?

The Magnificent Seven: A Bog Standard Job

The Magnificent Seven: Energy Drinks: Highs and Lows

The Magnificent Seven: Gay Marriage: Confusing, Icky and Un-British

We hope this goes a little way to explain where all the old articles went. If you have any questions please get in contact.

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