The Future is in Our Hands: Campaign Introduction

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The Future is in Our Hands Campaign aims to raise awareness about how young people can make sustainable choices in Wales, to help reduce waste and be eco-friendly when it comes to fashion.

About The Future is in Our Hands

The Future is in Our Hands campaign was developed by a group of 5 young creatives in Cardiff, in collaboration with Bloedd Amgueddfa Cymru. Bloedd Amgueddfa Cymru work with 16–25 year olds across Wales to experiment, create and innovate projects within the heritage and arts sphere.

The campaign was born from the idea to help young people in Wales become more sustainable, especially when it comes to fashion.

The Cost of Living Crisis and rising expectations to getting things quickly have contributed to the fast fashion industry continuing to boom. However, fast fashion has many problems, including it’s environment impact, ethical concerns and often poorer quality.

Many young people don’t fully appreciate the whole process of how clothes are made and how they came to end up in our shops. We wanted to raise awareness of how simple swaps and considerations could help to make people in Wales more ethical and environmentally friendly shoppers, without breaking the bank.

The campaign

During the two-week campaign, we’ll share blogs and social media posts with our exclusive campaign content.

Here’s what you can expect to see throughout the campaign:

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