Introduction to the Frisky Not Risky Campaign

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The Frisky Not Risky campaign aims to raise awareness about where young people can get information and support about sexual health and relationships.

About Frisky Not Risky

The Frisky Not Risky Campaign was co-created with 10 young people accessing support from the SHOT: Healthy Relationship Service

We worked closely with the Sexual Health Outreach Team (SHOT) at YMCA Cardiff to gather young people’s thoughts, feelings and experiences about accessing support and information about sexual health and relationships. 

What is the SHOT: Healthy Relationships Service?

The SHOT: Healthy Relationship Service provides young people in Cardiff with confidential information, advice and support for anything to do with relationships and sexual health. 

The service supports any young person in Cardiff aged 11-25 in lots of things, including:

  • Contraception information
  • Sexually transmitted infections awareness
  • Identifying positive relationships
  • Peer influences regarding sexual health
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Understanding consent
  • Sexual risk-taking
  • Inappropriate sexual language/behaviour
  • Online safety and pornography
  • General sexual health knowledge
  • Puberty and growing up
  • Sex and the Law

Within Cardiff, the SHOT team helps young people access testing and contraception at sexual health clinics. Support can be in both individual and group settings. 


The campaign

During the two-week campaign, we’ll share blogs and social media posts from our exclusive interviews with young people.

To keep up to date with the content, visit TheSprout website daily. Follow our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to be reminded of new content.

If you’d like to be part of the conversation, use the #FriskyNotRisky hashtag!

Here’s what you can expect to see throughout the campaign:

Getting support from SHOT

To get support from SHOT, you can fill in a referral form. You can make a referral as a young person or ask your parent/carer or a professional you trust to help you. 

To make a referral, contact the SHOT: Healthy Relationships Service by emailing or calling (029) 2046 5250.

Related Information

Check out TheSprout’s Sexual Health information page, where you can find loads of helpful info on local and national sexual health information and support services.

If you’re sharing our posts from the Frisky Not Risky campaign on social media, remember to use the #FriskyNotRisky hashtag and tag us.

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