Tillie, 14: I Didn’t Know How Many Methods of Contraception Were Out There

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As part of the Frisky Not Risky campaign, 14-year-old Tillie shared her thoughts about sexual health and relationships and talked about her experience accessing support from the SHOT: Healthy Relationship Service

Getting information about sex and relationships

Lots of people get info on sex from their parents or the internet, but sometimes the internet gives you the wrong information. 

Schools can also arrange for people to come in and talk about it. Whoever, you get support from, it’s good to talk to someone and learn to keep safe and know where to get help. 


Since getting support from the SHOT team, we have discussed relationships, contraception, STI information, peer pressure, sex and the law, consent, risky behaviour, and online safety. 

It’s been helpful to talk about it because I didn’t know how many methods of contraception were out there. I’ve enjoyed learning about protection. 

I think it’s best to know everything in case something goes wrong, like a condom splits during sex.

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