Cai, 14: Being Bisexual Makes People Judge You 

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As part of the Frisky Not Risky campaign, 14-year-old Cai shared his thoughts about sexual health and relationships and talked about his experience accessing support from the SHOT: Healthy Relationship Service

Getting support

I learnt lots of stuff about sex and relationships from the internet, but I am also lucky to be able to talk to my mum. 

Since being referred to SHOT by my social worker, we’ve talked about relationships, sexuality, peer pressure, sex and the law, consent, and staying safe online. 

We have discussed my sexuality and how my friends and family support me. I like to see my SHOT worker – we talk lots and I learn stuff I didn’t know. 

No judgement about my sexuality

I like that I can say anything and not be judged.

Sometimes being bisexual makes people judge you because they don’t understand. 

Talking will help

It can be confusing being a teenager sometimes. Having someone to talk to about relationships and sexual health is really important. 

My advice is to talk to people and don’t worry about it. Your true friends will help you. 

Also, SHOT has helped me lots. I feel happy after my sessions because my SHOT worker is kind and easy to talk to. 

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