When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong, it’s easy to blame ourselves, feel upset, scared, worried or confused or to try find reasons to justify why it happened.

The most important thing to remember if you feel troubled or concerned about the situation you are in, is to confide in someone you trust to get the support and advice you need. You can also approach professional organisations who exist to help, protect and support you so you don’t have to deal with it alone or in silence. Here’s a list of a few that may be helpful:

National Services

Live Fear Free – Providing help and advice about violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence.

BAWSO – Support and specialist services for people from Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) backgrounds who are affected by domestic abuse and other forms of abuse such as FGM, Forced Marriage and Human Trafficking.

Meic – An advocacy and helpline service to support you with anything. Contact Meic daily from 8AM – Midnight on: Freephone (080880 23456), Text (84001) or Instant Message.

Llamau – Family mediation and welfare rights advice.

Childline – A free, private and confidential service where you can talk about anything with the helpline, or find lots of information including about unhealthy relationships, divorce, and domestic violence.

Runaway Helpline – Runaway Helpline is here if you are thinking about running away, if you have already run away, or if you have been away and come back.

Say Something – 116 000 – free, 24-hour, anonymous phone and SMS (text) helpline. It’s run by Faceup2it and Missing People and enables young people to disclose information and seek support about sexual exploitation.

FaceUp2It – website developed by FACE (Fighting Against Child Exploitation) a group of young people, male and female, who are aware of the dangers of grooming and sexual exploitation to share info and help other young people who are vulnerable or taking risks.

Thinkuknow – A brilliant website full of information and videos about sexual exploitation.

Barnado’s – Children’s charity with lots of information and support, including for CSE.

NWG Network – UK network that tackles sexual exploitation and trafficking. They have an interactive quiz game that helps you explore whether the relationship you are in is healthy or not.

Useful Apps

Bright Sky – Mobile app and website for anyone experiencing domestic abuse, or who is worried about someone else. 

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