People In Your Life

This section looks at the different relationships we may have in our lives with our families, boyfriends or girlfriends, friends and acquaintances.

These relationships can be potentially some of the most important and complicated parts of our lives – so, below, you’ll find links, tips and advice to help you out!

Bereavement, Grief & Death

Information about the things you can do to help ease the pain or come to terms with your loss.


From healthy relationships to toxic relationships – tips and advice to support you.

Young Carers

Is your life affected in some way by caring for another person or helping someone else to provide care?

When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong, its easy to blame ourselves, feel upset, scared, worried or confused or to try find reasons to justify why it happened.


Information to help if you’re having friend troubles or struggling to make friends.


Family. How do you deal with them? What help is available for your family?

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