Immigration, Asylum and Trafficking

Immigration is always a hot topic that causes debates. Immigration and asylum are always appearing in the news and in politics.


Immigration is when someone comes to live in another country permanently. There can be many reasons for this – study, work, family, social etc.


An asylum seeker is someone who flees their country and makes a claim for asylum in another country because it is too dangerous for them to return to their own country. If the government accepts an asylum claim then that person becomes a refugee.

The UK Border Agency is responsible for immigration and asylum in the UK. They decide who can enter and stay in the country.

In Wales, the Welsh Government are committed to the UNCRC so they have to make sure that these rights are met. This means the rights of children and young people has to be considered in everything that they do to make sure they are being met. These rights also extend to young immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is when someone is brought into a country by deception, fraud, force or threat of violence. It is a form of modern day slavery where they are taken against their will, or by deception, to be exploited in another country. They are forced to work as servants, slaves, or forced into sexual abuse and prostitution.

There are lots of charities and organisations that offer help and support to asylum seekers, refugees and trafficking victims. Check out the links below.

National Services

BAWSO – Providing specialist services for BME communities. They have a number of projects that help refugees, asylum seekers and human trafficking victims. Call their 24-hour helpline on 08007318147

Citizens Advice Wales – Citizens Advice has lots of information about immigration on their national website.

British Red Cross – Help with urgent needs of refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants like food parcels, clothes, baby items etc.

Visas and – All of the UK Government’s information about immigration, visas, asylum, settling in the UK, and more.

Check if you need a visa  – – Answer a few questions to see if you need a visa to visit, study or work in the UK.

Student– Check what type of study visa you need and information about sponsorship.

Asylum Support – – You can apply for asylum support if you’re homeless or don’t have money to buy food.

Asylum Helplines – – Get help by phone if you’re an asylum applicant or refugee and you need advice about the asylum process or adapting to life in the UK.

Children Seeking Asylum – Barnardo’s – Information about what they do to help asylum seekers in the UK.

Displaced People In Action (DPIA) – Helping refugees and asylum seekers settle in Wales with resettlement and relocation schemes, training, rights and children’s projects.

Refugee Council – Supporting refugees to rebuild their lives and to give them a stronger voice in decisions that affect them.

Welsh Refugee Council – Speaking out on behalf of those fleeing persecution, conflict and oppression. Helping them to build new futures in Wales.

Modern Slavery – Salvation Army – Supporting adult victims of modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK. Confidential referral helpline open 24/7. Call: 0300 303 8151.

Child Trafficking – NSPCC – Information about child trafficking and contact details for the Child Trafficking Advice Centre.

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Useful Apps

Refugee Speaker – Helping refugee’s and healthcare staff communicate. Download on the App Store or Google Play

Kindi – Helping refugee learners to improve their English through live reading sessions with native speakers from around the world.

RefAid – Showing migrants and refugees where they can find services to help.

THE STOP APP – Confidentially report suspected human trafficking and modern slavery through this anonymous app.

Blogs and Guides

Immigrants explain how they made themselves at home in Wales – Wales Online

Victims’ Stories – Jenny’s Story – Salvation Army

Trafficking Survivor Stories – Rebecca – Equality Now

The gut wrenching stories of the brave young refugees who fled their countries and made Wales their new home Wales Online

Refugee and Migration resources for young people – helping young people to challenge assumptions about migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, and to develop mutual respect, empathy and understanding


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