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There are few things more important than having a roof over your head! But, there are so many different housing options out there and, unfortunately, people can have lots of different housing issues and difficulties.

Fear not, as there is loads of help out there, if you’re ever in a sticky situation. If you’re 11-25 in Cardiff, hopefully the below will be a good starting point.

Advice in Cardiff

Cardiff YMCA Housing Association – Provides temporary accommodation for homeless people of both sexes, all ages and various backgrounds. We also provide support to our residents in their search for permanent accommodation as well as support for a range of other identified needs.

Cardiff Housing – Offers information about rented and affordable accommodation in Cardiff, including assisted home ownership schemes, and aims to help those looking for a home to make choices about the most suitable option for them. 

Cardiff’s Hubs and Housing Offices – Face-to-face housing advice, queries and support for applications.

Cardiff Digs – We want to help make your life as a student easier by pointing you in the right direction for support, information and advice on student community matters including housing.

National Services

Shelter CymruShelter Cymru provide information, advice and support to help people identify the best options to find and keep a home and to help them take control of their own lives.

Citizens Advice – Offers information and guidance on many things, including housing.

The Mix – Information and support for under 25’s about housing including renting, buying, student houses, and housing crises.

Llamau – Llamau is the leading homelessness charity in Wales, supporting the most vulnerable young people and women.

The Wallich – The Wallich operates under three core objectives: getting people off the streets; keeping people off the streets; and creating opportunities for people.

Help To Buy Wales – Help to Buy Wales provides a shared equity loan to buyers of new-build homes.

Hafod – One of the largest providers of housing, care and support in South Wales.

Useful Apps

Housing Help – Available on Android and Apple. You can now access our expert housing advice via the Shelter Cymru mobile app. This app contains a wealth of free housing advice and housing related problems, including homelessness, eviction, repairs and bad conditions, money advice and advice surgeries near you.

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