What’s Next For Your Future?

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If you’re aged between 16-24, Cardiff Council has support and guidance available for deciding your next steps.

Thinking about your future can be tough…

It can be really daunting to think about your future as a young person.

Questions like “what do you want to do when you’re older?” or “do you want to go to university?” can be exciting but very difficult to answer. There are so many different career paths out there that it’s sometimes really overwhelming to know what your options are and what’s best for you.

How can I get help deciding what’s next?

The new webpage on the Cardiff Council website pulls together loads of useful information to help young people decide what’s next in their lives.

It has been described as the “new education, employment, training and volunteering one-stop-shop” as it pulls together lots of different information that will help young people decide their next steps.

It aims to help those thinking about the next steps feel more confident and make deciding what’s right for them quicker and easier.

Why was the platform created?

The site’s creation is part of the city’s post-pandemic economic recovery plans, which include a focus upon supporting young people that may be negatively affected in the short and medium term by job losses in the city and the wider region due to COVID-19.

The website has been developed by the Cardiff Commitment – the Council initiative that brings together the public, private and third sectors in partnership with schools and education providers to connect children and young people to the vast range of opportunities available in the education, training, and the world of work.

Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry, said: “The What Next? platform will support young people with plenty of knowledge and direction as they consider their future options and help to raise their aspirations at a time when many may be feeling uncertain and anxious about the impact of the pandemic on their futures”.

“There are a wealth of different opportunities available in the city and this new site seeks to signpost young people to those opportunities, whether it be continuing their education in Sixth Form, a college course, university, gaining work experience, traineeships, graduate schemes, apprenticeships and more. There’s even a section on starting your own business”.

“We want this to be the ‘Go-To’ place for all our young people when they are considering ‘what next?’”.

How often is the site updated?

Regular updates will be made to the new site, which will continue to develop over time as more and more provisions and opportunities become available. Cardiff Commitment is working closely with Cardiff Capital Region partners to provide young people with information on growth sector opportunities and the skills and qualifications that will be needed for these roles in the future.

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