Tips for Freshers… after Freshers Week!

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Every university student looks forward to freshers’ week, even if you’re a second or third year everyone enjoys freshers’ week! Even me, who graduated this year, I went out during fresher’s week and had a great time.

Everyone does it: it’s a normal thing for students to go out every night, its normal to let loose and enjoy your first two weeks of student life… but a lot forget what happens after! Most people just think about how nervous they are meeting new people, entering a new, some would say scary, environment and also getting freshers’ flu from the amount of alcohol they’ve drunk over the two week period. It’s a fun time but, as I mentioned before, people forget what happens next- so these tips will help any new student who is struggling after freshers’ week.

Party hard, sleep well.

Tip 1:
Sleep, rest and repeat.

Freshers’ flu is inevitable after freshers’ week, even if you didn’t go out clubbing! I don’t know why but everyone gets it so it’s okay to relax after the two weeks you’ve had! Don’t think you need to get into the library straight away and start early on your assignments because it wont happen. You’ll plan to be productive but end up back in bed napping for 8 hours straight or even back at the pub! It’s okay to relax; maybe not for too long but you’ll need your strength for when your first assignment’s due!

We live in a society

Tip 2:
Joining too many societies.

Having second thoughts about joining the anime club? Its okay: you don’t have to do every society you signed up for! Its good to join at least one society you enjoy, you meet new people and you’re doing something you love which will help avoid becoming a hermit crab who never leaves their room. No joke: my flatmate from first year never (and I mean NEVER) left his room. The only time he would leave his room was to make food- but he’d take it straight back into his room! It’s also a great way to keep active without joining an expensive gym. This leads me onto another tip…you join a gym during your first month thinking you’ll go all the time but in all honesty you’ll go once with your mates and never again. Joining a sporty society is a great way to keep fit and also save on those £££.

If you’re not taking your glasses off and sighing, you’re obviously not working hard enough.

Tip 3:
Never leave work until last minute.

This tip is a little pointless as everyone (and I mean everyone) will leave a certain piece of work to the last minute, but do try and start your assignment at least a week before it’s due. It’ll save you stress in the future and will leave you enough time to do other things like going out with your friends. I’ve left many assignments until the night before, and let me tell you they are not fun! This one will be difficult but do try: it’ll save you stressing in the future.

Never again will you have so much time to read so many books… whether they have anything to do with your chosen course is another question entirely!

Tip 4:
Make good use of university facilities!

During my first year of University I struggled with the transition of leaving school and going straight into university. I struggled with the workload; with what I had to do and how I was going to do it. I realised during my second year the help that the libraries offer with assignments. If I had known this during my first year, it would have been a massive help! They offer help like planning assignments, spelling and guidance with references, as we all know referencing can be a nightmare! Little things like this can be a big help so make use of all the facilities available. If you’re not sure what they are, look on your University’s website.


Keep it old-school at Cardiff Market (not pictured)

Tip 5:
Don’t buy all your food in Tesco!

I studied at the University of South Wales in the atrium campus, which was situated in the middle of Cardiff and the closest grocery shop was Tesco. Buying all your food in Tesco won’t leave you with a lot of money as it can become very pricey, so I recommend shopping at Cardiff Market. The price of vegetables and meat are very low in comparison to bigger chain shops so this will save you some money! Also buy canned goods and shampoo from places like Poundland, where you can find some great deals.


Knees weak, arms heavy, PC’s on the BSOD already

Tip 6:

I cannot stress this enough! I had a friend during my last year of university who didn’t back up her dissertation and then her laptop broke and she lost almost half her work… absolute nightmare! I know you write your dissertation in your third year and the work you’ll be submitting isn’t as important, but saving any work is vital. This ensures you don’t have to waste time writing it again! My friend was fine, she rewrote it and later graduated, but it’s still unnecessary stress that you don’t need at any time during University.

Funny how the landlord described this as “adding character to the room” when you moved in, now you’re moving out it’s “damaging the property value”

Tip 7:
Take photos of everything.

Learn from my mistake, I didn’t take any photos of my accommodation when I first moved in and I got charged for silly things. So do take photos of everything in your room, toilet and the kitchen to prove that certain marks were already there and the condition the room is already in. It’ll save you money at the end of your stay!

Housing & Accommodation

Not pictured: all the empty beer bottles on the table.

Tip 8:
Don’t worry about getting every book on your reading list.

To be truthful… I never bought any book on the reading list! But I was fine, I’m not recommending it but if you can’t buy all the books on your reading list the majority of them will either be online or in the library. I was lucky that the majority of my books were in the library so when I needed them I could check them out. Have a look online first to see if any of the books are there; look in your University library or even a local library.

The more I look at this stock image the more I think it’s Michael McIntyre.

Tip 9:
Swapping club nights for comedy night.

Not everyone’s into clubbing, so if you don’t fancy that Universities offer alternative nights like comedy nights, live music and pub quizzes! Even if you do enjoy going out, a night of with your mates at a comedy night would be a great laugh and save you a sore head in the morning! So take a look at everything your University has to offer!

Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

Do you have any tips and tricks on surviving university after fresher’s week? Write them down in the comments!

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