GAME REVIEW: Life is Strange: Before the Storm

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The best kind of emotional roller coaster that you NEED in your life!

If you haven’t heard of Life is Strange then stop reading this and go and check out my review on the original game and then PLAY it! It’s one game I’ll never get tired of recommending to people, whether you’re new to games or a veteran. Life is Strange is an easy to play and highly nostalgic and sentimental story driven game, and a prequel has just hit the stores!

If you’re still with me, I’m guessing you’ve played the first game and are eager to start playing, or have already played through, Life is Strange: Before the Storm. This time, we get to meet the famous and mysterious Rachel Amber – who, as I’m sure you’ll know, is a friend of Chloe’s who goes missing six months prior to the start of the original game.

Before the Storm is set over 3 episodes this time, instead of 5 like the previous game. Usually with episodic games the first episode is a bit of a slow burner, setting up the story and introducing characters to us etc. However, the first episode of Before the Storm is fast paced and full of action, emotions and plenty of dialog. Where Max had photo opportunities as collectables in Life is Strange, Chloe has graffiti opportunities in Before the Storm as collectables – with the collectable mode still an option in case you miss any during the game play.

Although Before the Storm is a Deck Nine game, where the previous is a Dontnod one, (Dontnod are currently in works on Life is Strange 2) the game still retains that same nostalgic feeling, beautiful use of sunlight, brilliant indie soundtrack and stunning artwork. While the voice playing Chloe has changed, it’s not very noticeable and as Chloe is 16 (instead of the 19 year old we meet in the first game) it’s reasonable that her vice would be slightly different.

If Before the storm holds true to the old format of a new episode being released every two months (give or take), then we can look forward to playing the other two episodes at the end of October and the end of December. Keep a look out, as I will be keeping you up to date with any new information regarding the upcoming episodes and will drop a review after I’ve played through. Happy gaming!


Thanks to Premier PR for supplying a promo code for the game.


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