Lazy Writer Series: Radio Play Draft – Let’s Play

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Once you get out of the bath, there is no going back, you have to face the sad reality that is your life.

The stench of exploitation is smothering my skin, I need to wash it off.

3 plastic ducks are in the bath

Narrator: “I don’t want to play” I say whilst scrubbing my body raw

Voice: “Somebody is being an ugly duckling”

Narrator: “Well you’re not exactly a swan now, are you?”

Voice: “Everyone thinks they’re so elegant, when they’re practically peasants. I’d much rather be a ugly duckling”

Narrator: “Then why use it as insult?”

Voice: “Shut up! Why won’t you play?”

Narrator: “You know why.”

Voice: “You never say it out loud”

Narrator: “Because I don’t deserve to! Okay! Are you happy now?”

Bob and Dave are standing outside the bathroom

Voice: “Hurry up, so we can get a move on!”

Narrator: “Shut up!”

The ducks’ lips aren’t moving but it feels like they’re speaking to me.


Voices: “Play, play, play.”

I wash the shampoo out of my hair and when my head is out of the water.

I see ducks with their backs to me. “Conforming to society is no reason to turn against me lads, get back in the water.”

No response.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but Jack can’t pay the bills this month. Despite working harder than the rich, he has not earned the right to play.

Society is Dr Frankenstein and I am its monster, stitched together with unrealistic expectations whilst stamping on my own dreams.


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