Game Review: F1 2017

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F1 2017

Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC (platform reviewed on)

PEGI Rating: Ages 3+

F1 2017 was released on 25th August 2017. I received a pre-release copy around a week in advance to review. A month and a bit of game time on, I finally feel ready to share my thoughts on the game.

F1 2017 is part of the hugely popular F1 franchise. Based on the motorsport racing event, the game puts the player in the position of a professional driver, starting their career in the world of racing.

F1 2017: Graphics

The graphics of the game are stunning. The scenery is immersive and everything from the player models to the vehicles to the stands are rendered in astounding detail. The quality of the graphics helps to enhance the gameplay and the player experience as it increases the immersion for players to a whole new level.

F1 2017 Screenshot

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The attention to detail is also incredible, with many objects from phones to pot plants to mechanics tools added to the game for the ultimate F1 experience. The game’s graphics help to make the game as good as it is.

F1 2017: Gameplay

However, without good gameplay, good graphics are a useless and unimportant addition. After all, nobody wants to play a visually stunning game that has no direction or clear storyline.

Luckily, F1 2017 doesn’t let down here either.

The player has the option to take part in the campaign, which provides the greatest level of realism possible. Players choose which team they’d like to join, all of which exist in real life, and begin their motor racing career. From the hub of a laptop, the player is then able to participate in a whole range of tasks, from race entry to car modification and more.

F1 2017 has a solid and impressive storyline, which compliments the stunning graphics experienced by the player.

F1 2017: Verdict

F1 2017 doesn’t let down its predecessors. With snappy graphics and an equally impressive storyline, this is a game that’s worth playing. Highly recommended.

Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Thank you to Koch Media for supplying a copy of the game for review. F1 2017 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC (platform reviewed on).


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