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You might have heard about plans for a ‘Metro’, a city deal or something called Cardiff Capital Region. What you might not know is that the decisions taken now will most probably affect you if you live in any of the ten local authorities in South East Wales. There hasn’t been much public engagement so far but the city-region leaders have announced on Twitter that this will soon be planned. As a young person myself, I am tired of online consultations and questionnaires. As a researcher, I am trying to find ways of engaging young people in the planning and decision-making processes of Cardiff Capital Region that are more creative and enjoyable.

If you are between 16-24 years old and live in Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen, Newport or Cardiff, you can help me find new methods.

Have a look at the three types of workshops I designed below. I think they could be a first step in giving young people living in Cardiff Capital Region a voice regarding the development of their city-region.

1. Participatory mapping – how do YOU define YOUR region?

  •  you will learn to create an online map of your region, marking the area, the places you like and the others you would like to see changing
  •  time commitment: approx. 1-2 hours

2. Photovoice – what is important to you, what would you change and how would you like to travel?

o you will take a series of photos based on topics chosen beforehand and then discuss them in small groups; if the group agrees, a public exhibition will follow

  •  time commitment: approx. 2-3 workshops of 1-2 hours (spread across 2 weeks) + time needed to take photos individually

3. Scenario development – how do you imagine your region in 20-30 years from now?

  •  you will be part of a brainstorming exercise that brings together people with different backgrounds and of different ages to talk about what the future of the city-region might look like
  •  time commitment: approx. 2 hours

I can’t really promise that your ideas will be implemented, but I promise that the leaders will know about them. So get in contact to find out how to join a workshop.

Did I mention there might be cake, an attendance certificate and a few other like-minded people?

CONTACT: Lorena Axinte – AxinteL@cardiff.ac.uk; @lorena_ax; https://www.facebook.com/youngccr/


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