Watch the new Spider-Man in 4DX at Cardiff Cineworld Now!

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From the 5th July, Cineworld Cardiff will be showing the new Spider-Man in something called 4DX, a multi-sensory experience that aims to truly immerse the viewers in the film they’re watching.

The idea is that the audience experiences the effects of wind, water, fog, snow, tickling, strobe lights and vibrations as Peter Parker goes on his web-slinging adventures, through high-tech motion seats. 4DX seems to be something that Hollywood is keen to explore, with over 75 films including recent blockbusters such as Fast & Furious 8, Transformers: The Last Knight and soon Despicable Me 3 all screened in 4DX. Projected to be one of the most immersive experiences in 4DX yet, Spider-man: Homecoming will be available in both 2D and 3D formats, and 4DX, which is exclusive to Cineworld.

Rich Barnes, General Manager at Cineworld Cardiff, comments: “Over 600,000 people have tried the 4DX experience and loved it, so we’re really excited to give our visitors the chance to experience Spider-man: Homecoming in this format. We’re continually improving and updating the sensory effects available to our customers, with the hotly anticipated Spider-man: Homecoming film sure to thrill fans in 4DX. 4DX is exclusive to Cineworld in the UK, and we cannot wait to see customers’ reactions when they watch this film!”

So, is 4DX all it’s cracked up to be? Keep your eye on theSprout as this reporter will be checking out the experience very soon and will be providing a full review of not only the film, but the 4DX experience.


REVIEW: Fast And Furious 8 4DX @ Cineworld Cardiff

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