Two great new opportunities for young writers and artists

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One amazing opportunity at a top London magazine, and another closer to home with Artes Mundi.

On Twitter today, I spotted two incredible job opportunities that I hope someone reading The Sprout will snap up!

1 – Cosmo are hiring an intern… and they’ll get you a pad in London, too.

“Full equality of opportunity” is what editor Farrah Storr is looking for here. Whether you have a degree or not, whether you’re from central London, Cardiff, or the farthest reaches of sub-saharan Africa, you’ll still be considered for the role at probably the world’s best known women’s magazine. 

They’re offering a bit of pocket money, a place to stay, and a London travel card!That’s of course on top of getting work experience under some of the magazine industry’s most experienced editors in art, beauty, fashion and best of all in my opinion, features.

For more information, you have to actually buy the magazine (a small catch, but understandable… if you want to work there you probably should have read the most recent issue.) but here’s the Tweet:

2 – Artes Mundi Bursaries

OK, so maybe you don’t want to leave Cardiff. Maybe you’re an artist. There’s two bursaries available at Artes Mundi 8, the exhibition at the National Museum Cardiff. £250 each, one of which will go to someone from a Black and Minority Ethnic, or BAME, background. 

More information on how to apply here.

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