Things to do for Halloween in lockdown

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Sad that you can’t go trick-or-treating or to a Halloween party this year? Fear not. Even though Cardiff will be in lockdown this Halloween, we wanted to share other ways that you can enjoy the holiday safely from home. Whether it be by yourself, with your family, or your flat mates, you can still celebrate spooky season in style with these Halloween ideas:

Decorate pumpkins

Although the classic pumpkin carving is super fun, it’s also incredible messy! There are so many other fun ways to decorate pumpkins, so get your hands on a few and be creative. You could paint on spooky faces or even decoupage your pumpkin with different collage pieces you have like coloured paper and sweet wrappers.

Carved pumpkins

Apple bobbing

Bobbing for apples is a very traditional activity on Halloween. All you need is a clean bucket, water and apples. Dunk your head in and try to fish out the apple – it’s harder than you think!

Watch spooky films

As it is getting much colder, you might fancy curling up inside with a blanket, some snacks and a Halloween film to match. Whether you want guts and gore or a family classic, there are so many readily available movies to watch on streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

Girls watching scary movie

Sweet hunt  

We have all heard of an Easter egg hunt, but how about a sweet hunt? Ask someone you live with to hide sweets around your house or garden and then make it a game to find as many as you can.

Chalk drawing

Get messy outside by using chalk to illustrate your garden patio, driveway or pavement outside your house. The options are endless, from spiders and pumpkins, to witches and Frankenstein.

Get baking

There are so many yummy autumnal treats using seasonal ingredients and other simple spooky bakes you can make for Halloween. It’s a great time killer, stress reliever and you have something yummy to have at the end of it.

Little boy baking halloween treats

Costume making

With lots of time on your hands, it may be fun to collect some old clothes that you don’t need anymore and up-cycle them into a spooky Halloween costume. Perhaps you could have a video call with your friends to show what you’ve created and pick a winner together.


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