The Stars Live In The Ocean

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Warm colours sweetly projected upon your walls and your mother soothed your troubles away, she kissed your forehead and held you tight and let affections cover you. Before she left to fall into the arms of your father you asked of the stars, there was a vast amount of fear within you. You wondered of the daytime stars, where do the stars go in the daytime? You believed that the stars exploded each evening before the morning came and a swarm of new twinkles became the nighttime sky.

Your eyes echoed a deep sadness within you, the love for the sky moved throughout your body. Your Mother moved her body slowly and gracefully like a swan moving through time, her face in deep thought. Your questioning soul merged with her own and in that moment you became one in time and space, a bound of hearts floating within the air. She sat by your side and told you about the oceans and the beauty of the world, the nature of you as a person and how you should respect your being at all times. She kissed you upon your head and told you the secrets of the stars, each word slowly covering your ear with soft syllables.

“The stars do not disappear in the day they find their place within the oceans, they twinkle and move upon the water and kiss the eyes of the swimmers and sailors. They shine to the sky in wait of the evening, their hopeful love for the above hidden within them. We see them forever, they move around us shining upon our bodies. We are the stars and everything within them; we will live forever in the skies and the oceans.”

She watched your head fall onto your pillow and waited until your chest slowly began to rise and fall. Her soft grip removed itself from your hand and kissed you once more; she left your room of lamplight and lay in the arms of her lover. Warmth between them felt as their eyes shut softly, the stars twinkled outside of the window and waited for the daytime to move across the ocean.


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