Fear is the Thing: A Tribute for Manchester

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“Fear Is The Thing, that keeps me up at night”

Fear is the thing

that keeps me up at night

that fills my heart with dread

at the thought that we are the ones next on the list

First south, then north, then if not east, then west it will be

But to those who would bring

death and chaos to our shores I say this:

Do your very worst and go to the devil!

For if you think that by these cruel acts

that you will somehow manage to divide us

Or turn us against our fellow man,

against those whom we know to be innocent

then you will never succeed

For greater foes than you have tried

to break our will and nerve

Armies and armadas, tyrants and madmen

“What hope have you, you death worshipping fascists”

all have tried, so what hope have you,

you death worshipping fascists,

you pitiful Jihadi Johnnies

And to those of you among us who

would play into their hands,

to those who seek a “final solution”

clear and true, I ask this:

Who do you think you are?

And where do you think you live?

For we are not in Russia where,

all opposition is defaced and snuffed out

Nor are we the spin-off to that frightened

and insecure child that is Trump’s America

For this is Great Britain, land of hope and glory

“We have no need for final solutions, or travel bans,”

We have no need for final solutions, or travel bans,

Just as we have no need for terror bombings

and babies killing babies

For vengeance simply for vengeance’s sake

is hate merely be-getting more hate

We have no need of an eye for an eye

All we need is love, love and understanding

For it is not hate which fills my heart

at the thought of those who have wronged us

Rather I feel only pity for them,

Pity for those who have been brainwashed into believing

that their God demands the slaughter of innocents

“I pity them who feel that they must martyr themselves so that they might prove a point”

I pity them who feel that they must martyr themselves

so that they might prove a point,

But I pity them less who feel the need to take

a few hundred others with them

But right now however my pity is reserved,

for those fathers whose children shall not see adulthood

for those mothers whose babies are not coming home tonight

But most important of all, I reserve my pity

for the ones who will come tomorrow and in the days to come

For this is not the end, neither is it the beginning,

This is just the tip of the Iceberg

For the people who hate us are just getting started

And to those people I say again:

Do your very worst and go to the devil!

For we are not afraid of you

And we will not be deterred by you

For we are the United Kingdom

no matter what our divisions may be

And we, unlike others, are not for the turning


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