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Are you a young parent in Cardiff and after some support? We had a quick chat with Carina from SSYF about her project that can help…

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What is SSYF? Is it like a parent group?

SSYF stands for Support Service Young Families. It is a service through Barnardo’s that support parents or expectant parents under the age of 25 in Cardiff. We offer a range of support that includes:

  • Parent programmes – Parent Nurturing Programme and precious moments
  • Welcome to the World – for expectant parents to prepare for birth
  • Groups to support parents back into education, training and employment
  • Groups around topics such as sexual health, confidence building, arts and crafts, smoking cessation, healthy eating, budgeting etc.
  • 1-2-1 support to get parents ready for groups if lacking in confidence and to support with achieving goals. We can also offer parenting support on a 1-2-1 basis where necessary.

So yes we offer young parent groups but tailor support on an individual basis.

Is it free to use?

All the groups are free to access. We hold the groups in different venues across Cardiff. We also offer refreshments and can provide a crèche facility in most group sessions.

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Does SSYF come to me or do I have to travel somewhere?

We generally come out to you for the first visit to look at what support you require. We can then look at what groups we have running and you will need to make your own way to the group sessions. 1-2-1 support can be in the home or a venue near you in the community.

With the groups and the sessions, is there a creche or childcare facilities? 

Yes we have run the majority of our groups with a crèche facility. We sometimes don’t require a crèche if we are running sessions with you and your child or we have a group of first time expectant mums. It also depends on the venue we are running the groups in if they have space for a crèche room. But generally we run groups with a crèche.

I’m expecting my first child can I still do some of the things or is it just for people with children?

No we work with expectant parents. We can look at you accessing a Welcome to the World group if one is running at the time of referral. We can also offer 1-2-1 support to prepare for birth and do baby journals. Also we can also signpost to relevant support agencies where necessary and other groups we are running.

I go to college, can I use SSYF?

Yes of course. Anyone can access the service if they are expecting or a parent under 25 in Cardiff.

What’s the best way for me to get in contact with you?

We are now based in Ely Family Centre this is situated on Grand Avenue in Ely, Cardiff. Telephone number – 02920 577074 or 07825 659008 and ask for Carina. We can discuss what support you may require over the phone. Referrals can come from professionals or self-referrals.

SSYF is part of Families First in Cardiff

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