7 Ways to Make the Most of Summer

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Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the longer evenings? Take a look at TheSprout’s suggestions for making the most out of your summer.

1 – Spend more time outdoors

With longer and warmer evenings ahead of us, it’s time to get outside and make the most of the fresh air. Whether it’s after school, university, or work, try to spend some time soaking up the sun, smelling the flowers, and embracing the few showers.  

2 – Litter pick

With crisp packets, cans of Pepsi, and facemasks littering the streets, there’s no better way to spend time outdoors, help your community, and care for the environment than litter picking. You could even become a Litter Champion in your local area!

3 – Start a new hobby

Even though the days don’t actually become longer in summer, there’s no doubt that it feels like you can fit more into your day when the clocks go forward. There’s no way better to spend this ‘extra’ time by starting a new hobby that you’ve been putting off. Wanted to do something for your new year’s resolution but never got round to starting it? Now’s your chance!

4 – Feed the ducks and birds

Make a birdfeeder or pop out some seeds and watch the birds flock to your back garden. Head off to your local park if you’d like to feed the ducks. Remember to not feed them bread because of its poor nutritional value which can be damaging to their health. Instead, good options for feeding ducks include grapes (cut in half), rolled oats or sweetcorn.

5 – Exercise more

Dust off your trainers and head outside for some exercise to make the most of BST. You could walk, run, bike, skateboard – the possibilities of outdoor exercises are endless. Not only will you feel great for being outside and improving your fitness, but you’ll also be releasing those good old endorphins to improve your mental wellbeing.

6 – Try a spot of gardening

Winter usually puts a halt to all kinds of garden maintenance, meaning that there’s plenty to do when spring and summer arrive. You could mow the lawn, plant some flowers, trim the bushes and pull out the weeds in time for a summer of enjoying time outdoors.

7 – Dine alfresco

It’s time to pack up a picnic or dig out the BBQ – summer is here! Grab a snack and a drink and head outside to enjoy your refreshments. Watching the tree branches wave and birds sing whilst eating your lunch is a fantastic way to relax.

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