5 Ways To Learn New Things Outside of School

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Learning doesn’t have to just stop once you finish your formal education. You can tailor what and when you learn based on your interests, and open up a whole world of possibility. Here’s how.

1 – Say yes more

By saying yes to trying new things more often, you’ll find yourself opening up new opportunities and learning new things all the time. Saying yes more causes you to leave your comfort zone, which is where we grow the most.

2 – Let go of perfectionism

You may be put off trying new things because you’re worried about not being good at them or failing, but try to change the way you think. By not trying, you’ve failed. Giving something a go, even if you think you’ll be bad at it, is a success. It’s always nice to challenge yourself and feel a sense of achievement when you’ve learnt how to overcome obstacles along the way.

3 – Be curious

There are so many chances for us to learn more in our everyday lives. Whenever you’re not sure about something or have a question, note it down and try to find out more.

Let’s say you go out for food and you’re not sure what something on the menu is. You could ask your server to tell you more about the dish or google what it is and its origins. You could order it to see what you think, and if you like it, you could try searching for recipes that you could recreate at home.

4 – Research

Researching doesn’t have to mean flicking through books, although that could be a good place to start. Luckily, the internet has brought us loads of ways to research and learn about new things even if you’re not a big fan of reading.

You could try listening to audiobooks and podcasts, or watch Youtube videos and TedTalks. If you’d like something more structured, you can take part in free courses online using tools like Duolingo and Khan Academy.

5 – Look for opportunities to learn

One of the best ways for us to learn is by doing things. Sometimes you may feel like you’re being thrown into the deep end which can be uncomfortable, but that is where you will learn not only about the task at hand but also about yourself.

Check what local volunteering opportunities are being advertised in your area and follow up on any that you’re interested in. You could also try looking for internships or work experience placements to lend a helping hand and learn new things.

Venturing outside and visiting new places allow great opportunities to learn, too. For example, going to a museum, like the National Museum Cardiff, and finding out more about one of the exhibits is a great way to learn.

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