School’s out as pupils strike for climate change action

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All across the country and the wider world today, young people in schools of all ages are downing their pencils and tablets and marching to demand firm action to prevent climate change.


Long term environmental campaigner George Monbiot said it was the most inspiring environmental action he had ever seen.

Schools in Cardiff have been getting involved too.

Radnor Primary in Canton was one of few primary schools to take part- mostly it was a secondary affair. Good on you, Radnor!

The BBC reports that a whole load of young people descended on the Senedd in Cardiff Bay- near Sprout HQ, actually, but I guess I wasn’t here early enough!

You can see all the protests all around the world on this map.

This follows a recent trend of young people becoming even more engaged with environmental activism than ever before. One school in England got year 6 pupils to act as PCSOs and place fake parking tickets on the windscreens of cars idling their engines outside the school gate.

In Russia (of course it’s Russia) they’ve been taking it one step further, with a Youtube channel emerging showing videos of Russian teenagers preventing drivers from driving onto pavements, explaining to the drivers that they are breaking the law, and putting stickers on their windscreens. Granted, this one doesn’t actually have much to do with climate change, but I got sucked into watching these videos for hours the other day- so now you can too.

The Sprout itself had an environmental campaign last year, No Mor Plastic, in conjunction with the Welsh National Museum.

You can follow the climate strike on BBC News and on Twitter.

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