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Looking for something exciting and unique to do this Valentine’s Day?

What’s more romantic than being locked in a room with your SO for an hour, looking for a way to escape?

Whether you’re in a new relationship, been together for years or even if you just want to celebrate the day with your best friend or special family member, we’ve got you covered!

Now, we know that not everyone celebrates the 14th, but Breakout Cardiff is the perfect way to spend an hour with someone you’re getting to know or someone you already know like the back of your hand regardless of the date. I’ve previously visited this particular Escape Room and have to say, of all the ones I’ve now been to, they still remain my absolute favourite. The team are always very friendly and amp you up, getting your adrenaline rushing before you enter your chosen room. So hen I went to visit again I was really ecstatic to see things hadn’t changed and I received brilliant treatment from the team once again.

Breakout Cardiff currently have 5 different rooms:



The classified room sees players sitting their final entrance exam to become a secret agent. You must escape from the room to pass the exam. This is Breakout’s most explosive and exciting room yet! You can race against friends in an identical game room and prove once and for all who is the best at breaking out! If you wish to do this please book two sessions on the website that start at the same time. You do not have to have a team to race against, this game can be played as a stand alone game. Classified is the prequel to our Sabotage room.



Can you go deep behind enemy territory and stop a missile strike which endangers the safety of the entire world? There is 60 minutes before launch, you need to break into the control centre and stop the launch or the consequence will be catastrophic. Sabotage is the sequel to our classified rooms.





You and your friends have won a prize at the local carnival, but it’s a prize with a difference. Since you’ve taken it home, you have been tormented by strange dreams and a haunting voice that tells you that you must return your prize within 7 days. You return to the carnival on the 7th day and enter the old repair shed where you must solve the mystery with only an hour left before the clock strikes midnight. Can you break the curse in 60 minutes or will your nightmares come true…




Your colleague, and friend, PC Richards has been missing for over a week. His last known location is an old abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town which he had gone to investigate one night after work. His obsession with a closed kidnapping case had left him paranoid and wanting to investigate more.

You decide to go to the abandoned warehouse to see if you can find any clues as to where he may have gone. You come across a gruesome crime scene. You have 60 minutes, whilst the tech team have the alarms disabled, to investigate and discover the fate of your friend.



Exhausted after a long journey, you place your bag down on the freshly made bed, ready to relax. Suddenly, an ominous sixty minute countdown begins. No matter what you try, the door will not open. Welcome to the Crimson Lake Motel. You check in, but you NEVER check out…

Previously, I’ve tried both the Cursed Carnival room and the Disturbed one. With the latest addition to their rooms, Vacancy, I’m sure I’ll be booking myself back in soon enough! The rooms are both challenging but also have decent success rates depending on the difficulty level. This could be the ideal activity for a double date as you work together to figure out clues and riddles to escape before the clock counts down to zero. Breakout Cardiff is conveniently located in the city centre, within Brewery Quarter, perfect for going to get something to eat or drink after a heart pounding experience so what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now! Can you escape?

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve been and if you managed to escape! Share your photos on our Twitter or Facebook page!

A big thanks to the team at Breakout Cardiff for letting us play another one of their rooms.
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