Anti-Bullying: 5 Links that Could Save a Life

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We’d be prepared to bet 1 million* sprouts that everyone knows somebody who has been affected by bullying at some point in their lives. Human beings can be lovely to each other, and at other times, we can make each other miserable.

TheSprout has teamed up with Meic the information, advice and advocacy helpline for under 25s to make it easier to get this stuff sorted. Whatever your experiences, these links should help you stop or change the things that make bullying a problem.

Thousands of young people are affected by bullying every day in Cardiff. Remember to share this page via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You never know who might need it the most.

*Terms and conditions apply. Sprouts may not be exchanged for cash or vouchers. Winners must eat all sprouts immediately. Failure to do so will result in confiscation of all present and future sprouts.


1. “It’s just banter! Chill out.”
Banter is different for everyone. If you feel that you or your friends are always the butt of the jokes, or if you’re upset about what’s being said, try this info page:

—–> Banter or Bullying?

2.  “There was this post on Snapchat…”

Cyberbullying (bullying online, on mobile, or any other type of technology) is something that affects loads of people of every age. It can be a lot harder to escape than regular bullying because it invades your home through those tiny little screens.

The bad news: You can’t just ignore it.

The good news:  You can stamp it out with the right tools, the right people, and the right actions.

The advice wizards at Meic have produced an incredible guide to help you manage and fix your cyber bullying nightmare.

—–> 10 cyberbullying facts and tips

3. “This is a nightmare. Where do I even start?!”

We got this. Press play, as many times as you like, and then take it one step at a time.



4. “But what if….?”

If you’re worried about getting into trouble yourself, or worried about making the situation worse, make sure that you tell someone you trust what has happened, and pat yourself on the back. It can be really hard to share bad experiences.

If you’re getting serious or repeated threats then you should call the police immediately on 999. If they can’t provide the right help, then they can put you in touch with the right people.

You can always call Meic. They’re here for you when you need to speak to someone about anything that is worrying you.

Meic is an information and advocacy helpline for children and young people aged 0-25 in Wales.

They’re open 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. You can contact us free on the phone (080880 23456), text message (84001) or online chat.

5. “What do I do now?”

Wherever the problem is happening — online, in school, on the bus, in the park, at work, at home — it’s scary to think of what might happen after you’ve told someone about the situation. It’s important not to worry, and to take some time out to look after yourself.

—–> Here are a few self-care tips to help you get through tricky times.

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