5 Costume Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

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Don’t want to waste time or money?

Follow my guide to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in the last few days.

You may relate to me or maybe you’ll just laugh at my pain.

Don’t buy the wrong size

Costumes can be one of the most frustrating things to buy. I bought a size too small & ended up ripping my costume.

This is something I’ve seen happen in countless Rom-Coms & practically screamed at a character for doing. I thought I’d still be that size from the last time I bought a costume.

Different brands have different sizes. It is better to buy something that might be too big and have to exchange it than to buy something too small & not be able to return it. If you can, find a costume shop with changing rooms.

Bride putting on her white wedding dress

Don’t buy without checking the refund & exchange policy especially with Pop-Up Shops.

In the costume shop, I believed I overheard a sales assistant say to a customer that the costume can be exchanged within 7 days.

Later, I proceed to go home and check the website, it has already past the cut off date for exchanges. Ask instore & check online.

Blank signboard of a shop situated on busy pedestrian street.

Don’t buy without doing your research

I couldn’t afford a plastic tiara in an accessories shop so had to buy a tiara cotton headband.

Later, I find a plastic tiara in a pound shop.

Prepare a shopping list of things you need to buy & go to the cheaper stores first. Check online before you go shopping.


Don’t buy without having a look at the costume

This happened at a different time. I went to buy a costume and the image didn’t match the costume. Ask the sales assistant to open it for you so you can have a look.

Young fit woman looking at her reflection in mirror at gym

Don’t rush

I have a problem with impulsive spending. It’s good to be excited about Halloween but don’t rush your spending. Take your time. Be more mindful.

Even if I had bought the right size, I could’ve bought the two main components of the costume for half the price and spend £5 on accessories. I could’ve saved myself at least a tenner.

Consumers shopping for clothes

Lesson learnt: Hope for the best, but most importantly, prepare for the worst.


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