#YourShout: Didn’t vote? The Electoral Reform Society want to know why!

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After Labour’s ‘success’ in the most recent general election the importance of the youth vote has become ever more apparent. However, despite this surge in youth votes there are still around 30% (from the best estimates) of 18-24 year olds not voting.

Let your opinion be heard

I know that people who don’t vote have reasons but these reasons need to be better understood and the only way these reasons can be understood is by asking questions. The Electoral Reform Society in Wales have made the Missing Voices survey to be able to understand the opinions and views of non-voters. This survey is aimed at the people who feel they have no say in the major decisions in their life and seem to be represented by people who don’t even understand their interests and issues. This survey seems particularly relevant at the moment as the discussion around expanding the voting age to 16 year olds is increasing and is picking up some significant momentum for allowing votes for 16 year olds. 4 heads with taped up mouths next to the missing voices logoHowever, I doubt under the current government this will happen, as it would surely result in the Conservative’s majority shrinking even further. All that you can do is let your opinion be heard and with enough voices politicians will have no other choice. Listen to youth voters and properly represent them or get out.

You can do the survey in English or Welsh now.



Election reformers aim to discover why thousands fail to vote

Project launched to find out why so many people don’t vote

Project aims to find out why some don’t vote

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