What Are Time Credits & How Do You Use Them?

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Time Credits and how to get and spend them too are explained in this guest post by Becky from Spice.

I am sure many of you have come across a currency called Time Credits recently. You are probably wondering where they have come from.

I assure you they haven’t come from nowhere, but there is a reason you are seeing more and more of them around.

Time Credits Infographic

Spice, the organisation who developed Time Credits, have been around for years doing a lot of work in other areas of the UK and prominently in the Ely and Caerau area of Cardiff for about five years. It has however more recently spread all across the City; in many of Cardiff’s schools, communities and in the Youth Service.

Time Credits are simply a way of saying Thank You

For every hour you give to your community or to a service, you earn 1 Time Credit as a way of recognising the time you have given. This then can be spent at many local activities as well as at many bigger partners. This includes Cardiff City FC, Wales Millennium Centre, the White Water Centre in Cardiff Bay and at the Premiere Cinema in the city centre.

Time Credits takeover

There is a full list of where you can spend your time credits on our website. Also check out our Time Credit Takeover Summer Spend, which runs until Tuesday 9th August 2016.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter (@cardifftime) to get updates on earn and spend opportunities.

Time Credits Voucher

Please don’t be shy to spend them, you have earned them. The partners who accept Time Credits are always really excited to hear the ways in which you have earned them and the difference you have made to your community.

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