Under 30 in Cardiff? Make a film with your phone and win £300

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An exciting competition has appeared on the horizon. You can win £300 by making a cool short film using just your mobile.

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few who came to our Sprout Mobile Video Workshop a few months ago? Now’s the time to show off your skills…

Talent Shines At TheSprout Video Workshop

You need to be under 30 from the Cardiff area.

You need to shoot, edit and save the video all on your phone, no computer allowed. It’s tough, but do-able: check out apps including Filmora and Filmic Pro.

You need to have no TV directing credits.

The deadline is 1st September.

That’s it!

Enter here for the application form and further details.

Need an idea? Tweet us and we’ll retweet you- crowdsource those brains!

Happy filming…

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