Talent Shines At TheSprout Video Workshop

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Think you can’t tell a great story in a video filmed and edited entirely on your phone? Attendees of The Sprout video workshop last week proved you very much wrong!

First we have Assassin from Ren, Ewa and Tom. Based on the popular game played at many universities etc, where you’re given a target and told to “take them down” with fake weapons. Like all the other videos this was done with just a couple of smartphones to film and edit on.

The Haunting of the Escape Room by Charlotte, Jemma, Chloe and Fiona, meanwhile is a comedy thriller with a masked-man twist. Though I must say the Escape Room looks an awful lot like the ProMo kitchen 😉 Big kudos to this team for a killer effort… hopefully not in the literal sense!

Next we’ve got The Break from Daniele, Elise and Morgane. I’m sure you’ll have guessed by now that we did the training in the ProMo- Cymru office! However this is still a hilarious film with great camera angles.

And finally, The Wall, by Oska, Lauren and I. I would say this is the best, but that would be biased, and also it probably isn’t. We did finish first though, wrapping up in under two hours. Enjoy the Cardiff Bay sunshine, and the plot twist.

There’s an extra interesting documentary coming up too, but it’s not quite ready to see the light of day yet. As ever keep an eye on our site and feeds and it should arrive soon enough.

We really enjoyed doing the workshop and can’t wait to do it again soon. I wonder who’s gonna set up a YouTube channel after this…? Remember us when you’ve got ten million subs, yeah?

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