15 Top Tips To Reduce Stress

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Some situations are always going to cause a certain level of stress and that can be hard to avoid. The important thing is knowing how to deal with that stress, and finding ways to keep it manageable. Here’s a list of 15 things that you can try to reduce your stress.

1. Create a work/life balance 

Learning to say no can be tough, but it’s important to learn to say no if you’re being asked to do too much. Setting those personal boundaries can help you to create a great work/life balance, meaning you can have more time for you to do the things that improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.

2. Spend time with people who make you feel happy

Due to current lockdown restrictions, it can be hard to physically meet up with people you make you happy. You may not be able to go ice skating with your cousins or besties yet, but you can still meet up with them virtually. Stuck for ideas on how to spend time with people you make you happy virtually? Check out this article for some great tips.

3. Entertain yourself

Spending time on things that you enjoy and find entertaining is a great way to reduce your stress. Watch a film, listen to music, play a board game or get a colouring book. It’s time for you to entertain yourself.

4. Wind down

Having alone time were you are able to sit and reflect in your own company can be really beneficial for reducing stress. There’s no one way to wind down, so do what feels most comfortable to you. You could soak in the bath with a good book or magazine, scented candles, and a fizzy bath bomb, or sit in the garden with the sun on your face. You deserve to relax!

5. Take up a new hobby 

Is there something that you’ve been desperate to try but feel like you haven’t got the time or you’re not good enough for it? Ignore those pesky though and learn something new! It can give you a different focus and stop you from over-worrying.

6. Exercise 

Exercising is a fab way of relieving stress – go to the gym, dance, football, yoga, run, or walk. Why not check out Mahida’s journey of finding out whether running actually makes you happier. Spoiler alert – it did.

7. Ditch social media

Going without your phone, tablet or laptop sounds scary, but try to go without social media for at least one evening. It can help you avoid the stress of looking at other people’s ‘perfect’ lives online. Halyna wrote an article about going social media free for a whole week. Read about Halyna’s social media cleanse here.

8. Sleep 

No matter how busy you are, make sure you get your rest. A good night’s sleep makes a big difference to how you feel and your productivity the next day. Make sure that you put down your gadgets at least half an hour before you hit the hay!

9. De-clutter

You may not want to clean and tidy your house, but it can help you to relieve stress. Having a little organise of your space will help you feel satisfaction, organised, and in control.

10. Eat well

Eating a healthy, balanced diet will improve your health because you’re getting all the right nutrients to ensure your body works in the best way possible. Eating well can also make you look and feel better and be more confident.

11. Think positive

Deciding to think positive can help you to reduce stress. You’ll become used to seeing the positive in situations and will feel less stressed – fake it until you make it!

12. Laugh

Choose what you do wisely. Spend time and energy on happy people, happy films, happy music, happy social media etc. Being surrounding by happiness and laughter will be a great way to change your mindset and reduce stress. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

13. Breathe

Taking some time out to focus on your breathing and breathing properly can help to reduce stress. There are so many simple and memorable breathing techniques that you can learn and use whenever you feel stressed. Here’s one video of the 4-7-8 breathing method to get you started.

14. Meditate

Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga are techniques that really work to reduce stress for some. You’ll never know if you don’t try. You can find some ideas for mindfulness here.

15. Talk

You are not alone. Tell someone you trust about how you’re feeling – they might be able to help. Whether you choose to speak to a friend, family member, teacher, or colleague, you can always talk to someone. If you’re not sure who to talk to, you can talk to Meic. No matter what’s worrying you or causing you stress, Meic advisors are trained to help children and young people in Wales, and they can help you get the help that you need. Click here to contact the Meic helpline free and confidentially.

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