Theft, Robbery and Shoplifting

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Figures released to WalesOnline in 2013 by the four police forces in Wales show nearly 12,000 children aged 16 and under were arrested last year for serious crimes including ABH, robbery and sexual offences. To read more click here.

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Theft, Robbery and Shoplifting have one thing in common – the intention to steal, the only difference is the force used to take something that is not yours.

Theft and Robbery

  • Theft is taking something that you know doesn’t belong to you
  • It covers everything from shoplifting and stealing cars to picking up and keeping items that people leave around such as bags and mobile phones
  • It is a crime to keep or sell something that has been stolen. This is called handling stolen goods
  • When force is used to steal this is robbery and it is a more serious crime than theft and will normally be tried in a Crown Court
  • For both theft and robbery just acting as a lookout or being part of a group that carries out the crime will be enough to get you prosecuted, even if you didn’t actually do the stealing. 


  • Taking something from a shop without paying for it is shoplifting
  • Shops around the U.K. lose millions through shoplifting and are wising up
  • Store security cameras and under cover security guards are everywhere and if you are caught, there are serious implications
  • Shopkeepers say that the total cost of youth shoplifting is £190,000,000 a year
  • For some people shoplifting is a like an addiction or a compulsive disorder

If you feel you have to shoplift, get help before it spirals out of control and you have a criminal record which will amongst other things damage your work prospects.

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