The Invitation – A short story

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We received an invitation for our attendance at a party in the post today. The invitation had ‘Mr and Mr Swan’ scrawled across the front in gold cursive writing. My twin brother and I exchanged identical looks. Our bright green eyes shone with excitement, a slightly crooked smile played across our lips.

As we chose outfits for the party, we spoke excitedly about who may be attending later that evening. We both decided on similar suits, as we slicked our thick blonde hair back. The host of the party had sent a car to ferry us to the large house where the party was being held. We stepped out of the car and walked up to the large front doors. We adjusted our bow ties before tapping the impressive bronze knocker.

We could hear footsteps echoing along the floor towards the door. Finally, it opened, revealing a strict-looking man dressed in a black suit with tails. He bowed to us and stepped aside to allow us entry. We walked into the imposing entrance hall and felt the heat from four fireplaces. The flames threw a flickering light on the tall statues towering over us. From above, we heard someone clear their throat. A woman with a powerful look about her was standing on a large balcony overlooking the entrance hall. She made her way down the staircase and beckoned us to follow her. “This way please,” she said in a stern voice.

We followed as she led the way down a wide corridor, to heavy-looking doors. They swung open to reveal a grand ballroom. As we moved inside, two men slammed the doors shut behind us.

We slowly looked around the room and noticed some of the guests were acting strangely. They were talking loudly in gibberish, jumping about and shouting at each other. We turned to look at the woman who had brought us here.

“Welcome to the Ravenswood Institute for the Criminally Insane, Mr Swan…” she said before making her way out of the room.

I turned around to look at my brother, but he was gone…

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