Stuff That Isn’t COVID-19

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The world is super weird at the moment.

Whether you’re coping at home or not, we all need a bit of distraction now and then.

This is a Safe Space: a long list of things that have nothing to do with Covid-19. We’ll be adding to this all the time. Enjoy!

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It’s time for you to answer the burning question you’ve always had:
That’s right. Which garden bird are you?

via RSPB

Giant pandas are no longer endangered!
Here’s a panda webcam. No big deal.

Tidy room = tidy mind, right?
Does this programme…spark joy?

Literally a link to just all of the quizzes.
Prepare to spend your quarantine mastering every type of trivia ever. You can even upload your own! Share it with us and we’ll embed it here.

Animals interrupting humans doing yoga.

via YouTube

Things that fit perfectly into other things.

Visit museums…from your sofa.

via Google Arts & Culture


Learn something new! Like…how to cook.

Yep, this is how to cook a salmon in a dishwasher.



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