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Cardiff Castle

1st & 2nd July 2017

Today we have our music festivals, concerts, theatre, and various street events to go to when looking for entertainment. Have you ever wondered what it was like in medieval times? Where did people go to socialise, have fun, and watch shows?

Joust! in Cardiff Castle embodies in itself the spirit of medieval times and modern Welsh festival traditions, bringing people together to experience the best of both worlds. Watch Cardiff Castle come to life as it fills with brave and reckless knights, medieval barbers, fair maidens, and even dragons.

When & Where

Joust! is an annual event hosted inside the Cardiff Castle every summer. This year Joust! celebrated its 10th anniversary on the first weekend of July, and it seems like even the weather was smiling at good people of Cardiff throughout the whole event weekend.

Admission price for Joust! ranges from £10 for children to £15.50 for adults, with some family saving options available and a 10% discount for the Cardiff Castle Key holders.

What It’s All About

Joust! is a weekend-long medieval adventure with a diverse display of ancient crafts, skills, and costumes.

Each day of the weekend is built around a few key shows like a jousting tournament, combat display, and a battle re-enactment (which you can even join to try yourself out as a medieval soldier).

Speaking of joining in, there are plenty of ways to contribute to Joust! and truly be a part of this magical festival. You can dress up and be part of the spectacle, join in the children’s parade, dragon parade, as well as check your horsemanship skills by having a go on the Rolling Wooden Jousting Horse.

Other activities on the site include story telling, circus skills workshops, interactive tents with actors to learn from about various topics like medieval medicine, history of armour and archery, as well as delicious food and lots of beautiful themed music.

What to Expect

So what should you expect when you decide to take part in this event in the future? First of all, Joust! is a fun day out for the whole family – all of the shows and activities on the site are family-friendly and with a plenty of opportunities to run around and help the mighty knights of Joust! your little ones will never find themselves bored.

One more great thing about this festival is that you can decide on the level of your involvement: whether it is coming to the Cardiff Castle in full costume, trying your skills in archery, or just cheering with the crowd for your favourite knight.

I personally couldn’t resist being a part of the Dragon Procession. Turns out being the dragon head is more difficult than it looks, especially when you’re followed by a dozen excited kids, pulling your “tail” to all sides. All things said, I enjoyed myself greatly and being the dragon head is definitely one of the highlights of the festival for me.

Are you a fan of all things medieval? Or maybe just interested in learning more about medieval history? Let us know if you went to Joust! this year or any of the previous years and share your impressions of the event with us in the comments below! 

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