Free and Cheap Things To Do In Cardiff: 7-13 March

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Hey all and welcome back to your favourite happy go lucky cheap and cheerful Sprout column.

No huge events on this week, but Wales are facing down Scotland in them there Six Nations, so there will be some heaving pubs on Saturday afternoon. If you’re after a cheap night out any other day though, read on.


Cardiff Uni’s Nerd Varsity continues with a Smash Bros tournament. I’ve copied the full schedule in here for you to see any events that might be of interest.

If you want a more serious game of Smash, there’s also the Maximum Melee tournament on, coincidentally, Thursdays at the Arcade Vaults. All on their Facebook. It costs less than £5 to join the fray.

For those of you with a more artistic persuasion, Drink and Draw returns to the Flute and Tankard at 7pm, where entry is £3. Facebook again, sorry.

If you’re learning a language, the Language Tandem should also be on at the Vulcan in Cathays at the same time. Here you will be able to meet someone who speaks the language you’re learning and practice a conversation. In return maybe you can help them brush up on their English.


Live music returns to the early evening at Ride My Bike Cafe. More info here.

Which is why we’ll be heading to the RMB Cafe for our March Sprout meeting! See you there at 4:30pm to talk about upcoming content, podcasts, video, reviews, workshops and everything else in the Sprout-iverse. Link for your diary. 


From 11am, the apolitical organisation dedicated to bringing attention to climate change, XR Cardiff, is marching down the city centre streets to demand… something. What do we want? Come along and find out. When do we want it? From 11am at City Hall. – Click interested on the Facebook event if you dare!

As mentioned, the rugby is on in the afternoon, location: any pub in Wales except the weird ones showing football (Cardiff City v Wolves also on Saturday).

From 12, there’s an official Nintendo Smash Bros Ultimate tournament on- again, coincidentally in the same week as all the Thursday stuff. This one is also in the Arcade Vaults. Can you qualify for the Euro semis??? More info here.

From 4pm to 4am, the Ladies of Rage hit the stage, whazzup, in the Moon Cardiff. It’s International Women’s Day and it’s a showcase of a collective of Cardiff’s greatest musical women. Also, sadly, a Facebook event. Boring this week, huh?


Don’t forget- #noscrollsunday! This is a movement pioneered by Ward Thomas. Stay off social media for the day, spend the day chilling out, go to the park, read books, maybe go to church if that’s your thing. And certainly don’t bother going to the gym. Personally, the only chore I ever do on a Sunday (at least if I can help it) is making a sandwich for Monday.


This building is not silent, say arty types The Shift at Capitol Shopping Centre. Don’t really understand this, something to do with sonic artistry.

There is a panel event on at Cardiff Uni celebrating women in industry. More info here.

Then there is a comedy night at the Bootlegger! Stick the boot in and get on down. More info.

And that, I am sorry to say, is just about it. See you next week for another instalment of free and cheap things to do in Cardiff!

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