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15 Glebe St., Penarth | CF64 1ED | 02920 702 385

Meals from £4

The Crêpe Escape – a local creperie in Penarth – is a place to escape everyday monotonous routine, a place to take your family for a treat, and a good spot for a romantic lunchtime getaway with your date.

We loved it from the moment we went in. What’s not to love: a cosy little creperie with an amazing selection of sweet and savoury treats that come with a base of either a crepe or a waffle, with delicious sorbet and gelato on top. All of that is topped with some nice freshly-made coffee.

The creperie has been open for less than six months, and they already seem to have their loyal clientele. Alison Jones, the owner, shared one of the business secrets with us: they use something called Freakshakes* to lure young people aged 15-25 into the creperie. We found that it works for people of all ages.

*A Freakshake is an extreme milkshake that originates from Canberra in Australia. These mega milkshakes are made up with ice cream, entire cakes, waffles, marshmallows, chocolate bars lashings of cream and covered in gorgeous chocolate and caramel sauces. 


The infamous Freakshake served with waffle, chocolate and cream.

While waiting for the food, we had a chance to take a good look around. The inside of the creperie is simple and neat, all done in family-friendly colours: with shades of white and yellow dominating in the interior.


During our chat with another staff member – Francesco, the creperie’s manager –  we learned one more secret of the business’ success: they only use fresh groceries that are bought locally in Penarth. It’s always nice to find a place that supports local businesses.

Following staff recommendations, we ordered a savoury crepe with smoked salmon, mascarpone cheese and chives (£6.95), a sweet waffle with mixed berries, raspberry and strawberry coulis and cream (£5.75), and a scoop of gelato and sorbet (£1). We were drinking cappuccino (£2.35) and coke (£1.50).



Each of those dishes you could probably have as a meal: all crêpes come with salad and an option of adding ingredients of your choice, there’s a great selection of ice cream to choose from, and the waffle size will definitely impress you.

Having said that, my absolute favourite was the waffle.


Not only do the waffles at The Crêpe Escape look fantastic, they also smell delicious and taste like… what every waffle wants to taste like. It took me back to Belgium when I tried the Belgian-style waffle for the first time. With big fresh berries and melting cream on top, this waffle conquered my heart.


Here’s what the waffle leftovers look like.

With friendly staff, prices, a great selection of sweet and savoury treats and a cosy atmosphere, The Crêpe Escape makes a must-visit restaurant for anyone with a sweet (or savoury) tooth. Definitely recommended.


Open Monday to Thursday: 9:30 – 17:30

Friday to Saturday: 9:30 – 18:00

Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00

For more information, menu and prices check out the website:

All images credited to Anya Jenkins.

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