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If you’re after a night of excitement and entertainment then look no further.

Cirque Berserk will have lots of entertaining and thrilling acts suitable for children right through to keeping adults entertained. Not only that but the uniqueness of this show allows you to be able to keep your phones on as it’s an interactive show that actually WANTS you to capture your favourite moments on camera to share across social media.

With all the tension after every thrilling, high-risk and pulse raising acts, Tweedy the Clown was always on hand to lighten the mood with his slapstick comedy that managed to find its way in towards the end of other performers acts like ‘Globe of Death’, the Tropicana troupe and many more!

Some other acts would include various ceiling-scraping dancers, jugglers and flamethrowers, as well as dancers to lighten and break up the tension with Tweedy.

My personal favourite to watch had to be Globe of Death. It was phenomenal as four motorcycles drove around the cage at once reaching high speeds of 60mph! Not to mention having some very brave and beautiful lady stand right in the middle of it all!

The lighting and sound effects used really helped emphasise the whole performance making you sit on the edge of your seat biting your nails.

If you haven’t already been, I highly recommend visiting them at the Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff before they move on!


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