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Acosta Danza Evolution
Wales Millennium Centre
7th March 2020

Carlos Acosta has graced our Millennium Centre three times over the years. This acclaimed Cuban ballet dancer has taken the world by storm and his more contemporary work is a remarkable feat, his collaboration with other artists also paramount to his success.

In a stunning set of four pieces, Acosta Danza Evolution sees fine dancing from fine dancers, though Costa would join us finally for the last work of the night: ‘Rooster’. The show’s focus on new talent seeps though out the night. The opening ‘Passage, Soudain, la suit’ features the pure, liquid choreography of Pontus Lidberg. The essence of Cuba appears to live in the work, with dried flora at the back of the stage and an all round easy going nature in its entirety. I detected some seething moments of homoeroticism, touching to watch before us.

‘Impronta’ by Maria Rovira remained a stunning few minutes spent with Zeleidy Crespo. The curtain rises to Crespo contorting her body, as we see half of the form, a remarkable vision. Her dance is the spirt of joy, infused with Afro-Cuban inspiration. Even her dress is a dancer of it’s own regard. It was hard not to find yourself taken with this piece, it’s fleeting marvel over within a mere 7 minutes. Leave them wanting more I guess?

In ‘Faun’ by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, ancient meets contemporary with the starting block being Debussy’s Prelude a l’apres-midi d’un faune, made into the iconic ballet by Nijinsky. This two hander is outstanding, with interjections of more harsh and dense soundscapes of Nitin Sawhney very welcome. The fusion in this relationship of two bodies on stage looked at their highs and lows, their ups and downs. This reimagining is superb, in many respects.

The most accessible piece would be that of ‘Rooster’, choreographed by Christopher Bruce. Utilising seven songs by The Rolling Stones, the dances are swift and colourful, evoking West Side Story and the popular moves of the era. Some songs work better here than others, though it’s always a pleasure to hear Little Red Rooster, Paint It Black and Play With Fire. Absurd movements like a strutting rooster, appear throughout the entire work and some highly slick moves remain all round impressive. The colourful costumes and cheeky, youthful mood are what make this of worth. Acosta and these stunning dancers give this their all and the result if often outstanding.

Energetic & inspiring.

Rating: 4 stars

Acosta Danza Evolution continues on tour.

Photo Credit: Eden Court Website

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