How Could Pride Cymru be Better?

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As part of the Cardiff Pride: More Than A Month campaign, we attended Pride Cymru in Cardiff and spoke to young people about all things LGBTQ+ related. This blog shares their thoughts on the ways that they feel Pride Cymru could be improved.

Making tickets free

Echo, 20 – You shouldn’t have to charge for tickets. This should have been free. It’s a controversial opinion but this should have been free. I don’t know why they’re charging for tickets. It’s a community focussed event – it shouldn’t be based on making money for the council. I understand the idea of ticketing a Pride for the sake of knowing how many people are gonna show up, but they should be free tickets.

Re-entry to the festival

Echo, 20 – They should have let us go out and come back in again. We’ve spent a lot of money on these tickets. We were just complaining about this! £15 plus the booking fee and then you can’t leave is really not okay.

Nova, 19 – Boney M is at 9pm. They say to be here early because it starts at 12pm. Sure, there’s lots else going on but 9 hours straight without leaving is quite a lot.

Improving accessibility

Echo, 20 – One of my friends was posting about if you are trying to get an accessible ticket, you have to give them your diagnosis to prove that you are disabled enough to get accessibility which just, I’m sorry, it shouldn’t be. It is this idea that you have to prove how disabled you are. It’s not a cheaper ticket. I think maybe you get a free ticket if you have a carer but I don’t actually know that 100%. But still, you have to prove you’re disabled enough to get an accessibility ticket which I think is a little bit ridiculous. I’m disabled myself and I do get problems a lot with feeling like you have to prove you’re disabled enough, so that was just a personal gripe that my friend posted about and I thought that’s kind of not okay. Pride should be way more accessible than it is. 

Reclaiming the protest roots

Echo, 20 – Pride shouldn’t be commercialised.

Matthew, 23 – I think that Pride’s gotten away from where it used to be. It used to be very much a protest with Marsha P Johnson and all that jazz, and I think it’s important to reclaim those roots. 

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