Podcasts To Listen To During Black History Month

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Black History Month (BHM) is a great time to explore Black history and reflect on Black experiences in both the past and present during October.

The month aims to raise awareness about issues which are often neglected in history as they are not part of a popular narrative. We created a list of 5 podcasts to listen to so you can brush up on your black history.

Black History For White People

This podcast describes itself as a podcast as a tool to educate, resource, and challenge white people about black history, but is accessible to everyone! There are loads of podcasts to choose from here, from Black Women’s Health in America, Gentrification, and the N-word.

Black History Buff

Black History Buff is a podcast described as ‘a fun and thrilling journey through time’. You can find a range of podcasts within this series, from highlighting inspirational black people through time to tales from Ancient African Folklore.

Black History Year

Black History Year is produced by PushBlack, America’s largest non-profit Black media company. This podcast promises to connect you to history, thinkers, and activists from black communities who are often left out of the mainstream media.

Black History Moments

Black History Moments is a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of those forgotten in history or those who are not spoken about enough. Find out about these iconic figures and the role they played in shaping life to the way we know it today.

Black History Bites

This podcast created by BLAM UK provides short (approx 10 min) podcasts to aid learning about black history in the UK.

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