7 tips to tackle bullying

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Sadly, bullying is very common and can have devastating consequences for victims and witnesses. However, bullying can be reduced and managed using these tips. If you are being bullied:


Talk to someone

Try to tell an adult that you trust, for example your parents, a teacher, manager or anyone else you feel comfortable talking to. An adult will be able to give you advice and help with the situation. This is much better solution than handling it on your own.

Distance yourself

Keep a distance from the bully both in real life and virtually. Instead, surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Blocking the bully on social media can help to keep the distance.


Keep a log

Keep any evidence of the bullying including the dates, time, place (either in real life or virtually) and people who were involved. If the bullying occurred online, try to keep a copy of any notes and screenshots as evidence.


Don’t retaliate

It may be tempting to try and get revenge on your bully, but this is mean and can lead to you getting in trouble yourself. Do not retaliate by replying to mean comments or trying to be hurtful in return.


Report bullying on social media

Report any abusive posts on the social media platform that it occurred on. Much like schools, university and the workplace, social media platforms have a zero-tolerance for bullying.


Turn privacy settings on

Keep personal details away from people that you don’t trust by turning on your privacy settings on social media. This way, bullies are unable to contact you virtually.


Look after your mental health

Bullying is extremely hurtful and can take a toll on your mental health. Ensure that you look after your mental health by practising self-care. Remember not to blame yourself – it’s not your fault that you’re being bullied.


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