Peace First: What is it and how can I get involved?

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What is Peace First?

Peace First empowers young people aged 13-25 to create a just and peaceful world by providing digital tools, community support, start-up funding, and stories that celebrate their journeys and impact.


How can I get involved?


Create a project through the Peace First Challenge

The Peace First Challenge is a global call to action for young people to speak up for their values and make change. Peace first want young people to tell them about an issue in their community and their idea to solve it. They can help you to make it happen, including a £250 mini-grant, digital tools, mentors, and a caring community of peacemakers.


What are the next steps?


Join the Peace First Wales Facebook Community

Peace First want young people across Wales to connect and create solutions to some of the most pressing injustice they face. The Facebook community is a space to do that. Young people can join here. 

Sign up for more info

Peace First want young people to play a continuing role in building a community in their region and the UK. You can sign up here to learn more about the opportunities that Peace First can offer.

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