Never Give In: Artist Exclusive With Logan Fegan

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11-year-old Logan used his love of Minecraft to show the positive effects that gaming has on his mental health.

This article is part of the Never Give In campaign, where 21 young Cardiffians were commissioned to create a piece of art showing how gaming affects their mental health. This is the story of Logan, an 11-year-old artist who was part of the project.

How has gaming affected your mental health? 

Gaming really grounds me and helps me with my friend circle outside of my school. It zones me out from real-life problems. For example, I was having issues in school but when I went on my Xbox a couple of days later everything in real life seemed like it wasn’t real and I was completely zoned out. Literally, everything that was on in my mind before, went out of my head for as long as I was on my Xbox.

It helps with my creativity like Minecraft where I can do anything. It helps with teaching me life lessons and I think the reason I’m very smart is because of gaming, it doesn’t rot my brain mum. It taught me new words; it makes me do maths for my success sometimes. 

It helps with my friend zone outside of school because I find it easier to make friends over the internet where I don’t care what people think of me. I don’t have to see them nearly every day so that calms me down. And unlike real life, you can always block somebody. 

What inspired you to create this artwork?

First, I tried to make a multiverse where all of the games in history clashed and were all floating. Then after that, I saw somebody make a Minecraft world as art so then I changed my idea to Minecraft where all the worlds were clashing. That didn’t really work so I then tried to make a city that reflects mental health because what better place to do it than somewhere you’re used to. You can relate to that and it fits your everyday life. So it was all that one Minecraft piece of artwork and my life that inspired me to make the final piece.

What message would you give to someone who is struggling with their mental health?

Keep on going because, in the end, you only have one life on earth. And one day, you’ll be old and can’t do the things you want and you’ll regret it.

To find out more about the Never Give In campaign and see the incredible artwork from all of the other artists, click HERE.

Struggling with your mental health? Check out TheSprout’s Mental Health Information Page where you can find loads of local and national support services.

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