Coming to Terms with Our LGBTQ+ Identities

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As part of the Cardiff Pride: More Than A Month campaign, we attended Pride Cymru in Cardiff and spoke to young people about all things LGBTQ+ related. This blog shares their thoughts when asking them about the identity journey.

Ffion’s Identity

Oh god, it was a journey. It was a really big journey. I went flip and flop from oh, I’m straight, oh, I’m bi – for the longest time bi. Then I was just like maybe not. Maybe I am bi. Wait! No. Wait! Yes. Wait! No. Wait! Yes. And then I finally figured it out. I’m proud of where I am. *Taps lesbian flag on shoulders*

Toby’s Identity

With me it was just always an odd feeling. I started things at a very early age so it was always a kind of like put it off for later. Everybody feels like this. And then over time I eventually learnt to accept myself.

I’ve had a bit of trouble with the people around me accepting me, but I’ve had these two with me for like 5 years. They’ve been with me through everything.

I found out I was trans, or I came out fully 2 years ago. It’s been a ride since then.

I found out I was pan just because physical attraction was never really something for me. It was only until  I was emotionally attached to somebody. That’s why I’m also demisexual which means you only like really feel attraction to people, at least sexually, when you’re in a relationship when you’ve known them for a while.

And yeah, I just found that out through experience and experimenting which is one thing that I feel like everybody should be able to do.

Chris’ Identity

Not really connecting to anything is fine too. As someone who is neurodivergent and apparently also asexual, it gets especially complicated to figure out who you are and how you feel because people also forget that sexuality doesn’t have to be a defined thing. It can be fluid.

All sides of that are valid. And you know, we are always growing. And for people like me, it’s a journey that never ends and that’s okay.

I am currently unlabelled and I guess it’s also important for people to know that you don’t have to label yourself to be valid. You can figure everything out at your own pace and if you don’t want a label that’s fine too.

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