Go Green for Halloween

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There’s nothing spookier than a planet which is full of rubbish, so why not try to go green for Halloween this year?

Reduce, reuse and recycle…

Make a costume which is terrifyingly environmentally friendly for this years halloween costume. Rummage through your recycling bins, raid your wardrobe and reuse last years costume. It’s time to get creative.

Making is a great way to interact with new flatmates, family and friends.

Organise a swap shop with friends if you’re not feeling creative. Gather friends together and look through your wardrobes to find a scary costume.

A costume which is very effective is the spider costume. Find old socks, clothes that you no longer wear or scrunch-able items in the recycling bin (like old newspapers) and stuff black tights with these items. Once you have stuffed three pairs of black tights (your legs will act as the fourth pair of the spiders legs) attach to your black outfit. paint your face black and use another pair of black tights to put on your head, wrap the legs of the tights around to make a bun effect on your head.

Refer to the illustrated images.

Bat Costumes can also be fun to make, find an old umbrella and cut in the direction of the metal and then attach to a jumper to create a bat wing affect.

Plastic bags are great when making a witch costume. to complete the look collect sticks from the garden to make a witches broom.


If you’re planning a party there are also great recycled decorations.

Paint an old tuna or beans can black and add pipe cleaners and googly eyes to create a spider for holding sweets.

Put fairy lights into 1 pint plastic milk jug and use a sharpie to draw scary ghost faces on.

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